Unexpected generosity and compassion make a difference

When Maree Sheehan received a call from Mingary Care she had to admit she was taken aback. Their offer to help with her mother’s care felt as if it came from another era.

Maree had been struggling with the stresses of navigating the palliative care landscape and the empathy and support Mingary Care gave came as a huge relief.

“There is not a lot of this sort of support around,” says Maree. “It’s like good old fashioned community care. I would 100% recommend Mingary Care to others in need. They are the human face of an amazing cause. Being offered such genuine compassion was an absolute lifesaver for me and my Mum.

“Unfortunately Western society has conditioned us to become little islands coping on our own,” says Maree. “The fact that I didn’t even ask Mingary Care for help and that they offered to is such a breath of fresh air.”

Maree’s Mum, Marjorie, had been a valued volunteer in the Mingary Care Op Shops for many years. When Sue, Managing Director of Mingary Care, heard Majorie had suffered a fall and was having trouble with her memory, she made a home visit to find out how they could help.

“Initially the support involved doing welfare checks and assisting in getting Marjorie to appointments. Her condition deteriorated quite quickly and it became difficult for Marjorie to maintain her personal care and manage her medication,” explains Sue.

Mingary Care was able to work with Marjorie’s family to facilitate a move to Maryborough so that she could live with Maree. They also helped Maree navigate the care system, provided twice daily home visits and paid for certain medications.

Marjorie was able to stay living with Maree for about 10 months and after that time Mingary Care arranged and paid for some respite care. Maree said that being able to get out of the house and have a break knowing that her mother was safe was an absolute game changer.

“Mum didn’t have a big government care package, so we were paying a lot out of pocket. The financial and emotional support we received from Mingary Care was invaluable,” says Maree.

“Now Mum is in full time care, but the Mingary Care team still keeps in touch! It’s not like, ‘oh well you’re in a home now and we won’t bother.’ Mum had a visit for her 80th birthday and another volunteer is visiting her in the nursing home on a regular basis.”

Mingary Care provides help with short-term palliative care and end-of-life services. Their vision is to provide compassionate support for carers, partners, families and friends. Advocating for and informing communities about death and dying is their reason for being. If you know someone who is in need of support, please get in touch.

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