Invaluable stopgap: Tarley’s journey with Mingary Care

Unfortunately, aged care assessments (ACATs) don’t happen overnight and some families are often left to fill the care gap while they wait for them to come through.

For Tarley, this process meant she needed to resign from her job so she could juggle caring for her own children as well as her elderly father Jeff.

When a social worker from the hospital put her in touch with Mingary Care she was surprised to learn they could provide much-needed help.

“The Mingary Care service is invaluable,” says Tarley. “I was struggling to manage Dad’s care on top of my other commitments when Mingary Care stepped in. They funded much needed support to fill a gap for a month while we waited for dad’s ACAT approval to come through.”

According to Mingary Care Managing Director Sue Mason-Baker, the support initially included meal preparation and welfare checks.

“But when Jeff took a sudden decline it was evident he had progressed to a high care classification,” Sue says.

“We continued to fund his in-home care for another three weeks while the family waited for a Home Care Package (HCP) allocation.”

Jeff is now in residential care and Tarley says she would not have been able to keep him at home for as long as she did if it wasn’t for Mingary Care.

“There is a lot of pressure on carers. It’s a huge relief knowing stopgap help is available and through a team of people who understand the system. The amazing thing is that even though Dad is now safely in care, the Mingary Care team keeps checking in to see how he’s going and to ask if I need help or support,” says Tarley.

“Having one central contact to talk to about the entire palliative journey and who can point you in the right direction is just wonderful.”

Mingary Care can provide free, short-term access to services such as equipment, medications, wound dressings, hospital parking and fuel vouchers. They also fund in-home care such as personal care, domestic assistance, respite and bereavement counselling. If you know of someone who needs support, please get in touch.

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