An angel at my door

Finding palliative care for people under the age of 65 can be challenging. When Cheryl’s husband suddenly declined, his firm request was to be able to die at home. After some discussion with the palliative care providers, Cheryl was referred to Mingary Care who engaged Bright Sky Services to provide in-home care.

‘An ‘angel’ in the form of a big strong male nurse appeared,” said Cheryl. “He was the perfect personality to care for Philip – we were just so grateful.”

“Mingary Care paid for the carer to come weekly for a month. He helped with Philip’s personal care and was a kind and helpful person to have around. He would take Philip for outings in his wheelchair, to have a coffee or just to get a change of scenery. He even offered to help with odd jobs around the house.”

Cheryl was surprised and delighted to learn that this kind of help was available and funded by Mingary Care. She says the whole experience was perfectly seamless and uncomplicated and that she can’t speak highly enough of Mingary Care’s practical and inobtrusive way of operating.

With the right care in place, Philip’s was able to die at home as he wished, which gave both him and Cheryl great peace in his final days.

Mingary Care can provide free, short-term access to services such as equipment, medications, wound dressings, hospital parking and fuel vouchers. We also fund in-home care such as personal care, domestic assistance, respite and bereavement counselling. If you know of someone who needs support, get in touch.

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