Our Stories

The Mingary Care community is made up of a wide array of people, from Board Members, shop volunteers, fundraisers and community supporters.


Each and every person has a story to tell of how they came to be involved with Mingary Care and why they support this community project. Read their stories below.

‘Mingary Care threw me a lifeline when I truly thought I was drowning. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

I arrived from the UK to care for my mother in her final days. I massively underestimated what was involved. As it turned out it was really hard, and with no help coming from the Government any time soon I quickly became overwhelmed.

Within two days of meeting the team at Mingary Care, they had arranged for the delivery of a proper hospital bed and other furniture needed to care for Mum. They also organised a carer to come for two hours morning and night to help with showering and meals which meant I could leave the house and get a few things done. As Mum’s needs became greater they brought in an overnight carer and eventually assisted with getting her into full time care.

Everything Mingary did for me was so practical. They linked me up with a nurse from Cittamani Hospice who was able to provide advice about medications and help me make decisions. They even provided a support person for me, checking in on how I was going via phone counselling. Mingary Care truly are living angels.’

Jane Brough