Stories of care.

The Mingary Care community is made up of a wide array of people, from Board Members, shop volunteers, fundraisers and community supporters.

Each and every person has a story to tell of how they came to be involved with Mingary Care and why they support this community project. Read their stories below.

Nelms Family's Story

Mum reached out to Mingary Care in my Dad’s final weeks. We were in shock from the suddenness of his illness and all of us, including Dad, were keen to provide him with in-home palliative care.

Paul's Story

With the very best of intentions to care for his dad in his final days, Paul quickly discovered that providing 24/7 care without a break is unsustainable.

Tarley's Story

Unfortunately, aged care assessment’s (ACAT) don’t happen overnight and some families are often left to fill the care gap while they wait.

Cheryl's Story

Finding palliative care for people under the age of 65 is often quite challenging. When Cheryl’s husband Philip, faced a sudden health decline, he expressed a strong wish to spend his final days at home.

Maree's Story

When Maree Sheehan received a call from Mingary Care she had to admit she was taken aback. Their offer to help her with her mother’s care felt as if it was from another era.

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