Mingary Care forges partnership with Ambulance Wish Queensland

Mingary Care is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Ambulance Wish Queensland, marking a significant milestone as the Sunshine Coast not-for-profit organisation becomes a dedicated Local Supporting Partner.

Sue Mason-Baker, Managing Director of Mingary Care, explains “At Mingary Care, our model of care revolves around four pillars: community awareness, services, supports, and last wishes. Observing the growth of Ambulance Wish Queensland and witnessing the enduring stories and memories created through each wish, we felt truly inspired.”

“As a result, we made the decision to support the program, contributing to the expansion of Ambulance Wish Queensland’s capacity to fulfil more wishes for those nearing the end of life. This aligns seamlessly with our work and fulfils one of our key care objectives.”

The profound legacy generated by each wish resonated deeply with the Mingary Care team. Sue shares, “Ambulance Wish Queensland’s impact lies in crafting memories for the wish recipient and their loved ones. The ability to fulfil a lifelong wish or share precious time, meticulously planned and executed by the AWQ team, holds immense power. Enabling patients to escape the confines of a hospital or hospice for a day, immersing themselves in the present moment, carries clear benefits for everyone involved. The photographs captured during these moments serve as a lasting reminder of a joyous occasion, treasured forever by those left behind.”

As Ambulance Wish Queensland continues to grow, the Mingary Care team eagerly anticipates playing a role in wish fulfilment across their region. Sue expresses their enthusiasm, saying, “We are eager to contribute to Wishes on the Sunshine Coast. Our team is excited to be part of creating magical moments that are invaluable for wish recipients and their loved ones, fostering and sharing those special moments together.”

Louise O’Neill, CEO of Palliative Care Queensland, warmly welcomes the partnership with Mingary Care, stating, “I am delighted that Mingary Care has chosen to support Ambulance Wish Queensland. Their values, dedication to care, and commitment to supporting individuals approaching the end of life make them the ideal partner for Ambulance Wish Queensland. We extend our gratitude for their support and eagerly anticipate collaborating to create everlasting memories for patients, families, and communities on the Sunshine Coast.”

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