Make a bequest.

Leaving a gift in your Will to a charity is a profound way to leave a lasting impression. By including us in your Will, you are assisting us to continue our work into the future.

If you are planning on preparing or updating your Will, we ask that you consider Mingary Care Ltd. With your assistance, we will be able to go further in offering comfort to those in their last months, weeks or days of life.

If you are thinking of including us in your Will, we suggest that you consult a solicitor to ensure your wishes are expressed correctly and legally. Mingary Care Ltd does not offer or provide any legal advice.

There are different ways you can include Mingary Care Ltd in your Will. You may leave a specific bequest to us or name us as a residual beneficiary. Below we have suggested sample wording if you are considering leaving a specific bequest to us. If you are considering naming us a residual beneficiary, we ask that you contact us to discuss this in more detail.


See below example wording on how to leave a specific bequest to Mingary Care Ltd.

“I gift an amount of $[insert amount] to the Mingary Care Ltd ACN 111 950 924 free of all duties and encumbrances and after all costs associated to its transfer are covered by my estate. The receipt of the secretary, treasurer or public officer of Mingary Care Ltd ACN 111 950 924 is sufficient to discharge my executor in respect of this gift.”

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