Ambulance Wish Queensland fulfils its 100th wish

Today marks a significant and heartwarming milestone for Palliative Care Queensland, as its signature program Ambulance Wish Queensland celebrates the fulfilment of its 100th wish. Mingary Care, the local supporting partner for Ambulance Wish Queensland’s South-East Queensland (SEQ) Hub, is honoured to be a part of this impactful journey.

Since its inception in 2019, Ambulance Wish Queensland has touched the lives of 100 Queenslanders and their families, providing comfort, joy, and precious moments during challenging times. Usha’s final wish, facilitated by Ambulance Wish Queensland and supported by Mingary Care, brought her back to the shores of Mooloolaba Beach—a place with a profound connection to her heart.

Mingary Care, in collaboration with Ambulance Wish Queensland, ensured that Usha’s experience was filled with love and togetherness. With the support of a beach wheelchair, Usha immersed herself in the sand and gentle waves, rekindling her special bond with this meaningful place.

Surrounded by her family, including Mum Nalini, Dad Madhu, sister Sandy, brother Ramesh, and niece and nephew Tarsala and Arridan, Usha’s final day became a perfect celebration of a lifetime of love. Over fish and chips enjoyed on the esplanade with a view of the beach, stories were shared, and lasting memories were created. This day not only marked the fulfillment of Usha’s final wish but also the 100th wish granted by Ambulance Wish Queensland.

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