About Us

Our plans to build a residential hospice in Buderim were hindered by our local council in early 2020. This coincided with the start of the global COVID19 pandemic. Both events forced a strategic review of our future vision. The global pandemic especially had a significant impact on the way people wanted and expected care to be delivered.

In 2021, the Board of Sunshine Hospice Ltd formulated a new strategic blueprint. This acknowledged that community expectations and government funding policies have changed, and in-home palliative care services are now seen as the way of the future.

A new service model was developed based on collaborative relationships at its core.

Palliative Care Queensland

Mingary Care has contracted Palliative Care Queensland (PCQ) to provide consultancy support on the pilot phase of a new model of care. PCQ's support is particularly in relation to consultation, scoping codesign and best practice information.

PCQ is also funded to deliver PalliLEARN education for Mingary Care to their community.

Mingary Care is an organisational member of PCQ.

University Sector

Mingary Care will work with selected universities to undertake research & evaluation, education & training, student placement and work experience