The event was held at HiReach in Kunda Park on August 10th 

We woke to a lovely sunny day, a little cold but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of our participants.  

There were 8 of them, all eager and ready to get going.  

We had 5 in one lift which was holstered up to 7 storeys, 3 in another that went up 5 storeys.  

Well you could see from the ground how well they were working the phones, all busy little bees.  

Thanks to HiReach for their generous donation of staff and time to run the event on Saturday.  

 All the bosses raised a tremendous amount of money for us and still the pledges are coming in .  

The monies raised will all be in our building fund in preparation for the building of the 6 bed hospice here on the Sunshine Coast. We have entered into a contract to to purchase land in Buderim subject to the successful approval of our development application by Sunshine Coast Council.  

Our thanks to all those who pledged monies to the bosses prior, during and after the event. Thanks also to the many volunteers who assisted on the day and who called in to lend support.

Lets get this Hospice built.  

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